Why You Should Live In Petaling Jaya?

Petaling Jaya

Have you ever thought about moving into the residential area of Petaling Jaya? Petaling Jaya is a city that is a dream come through for many Malaysians because of the resources that are easily accessible for the people living there. We would like to provide you with reasons why you should start living in Petaling Jaya. 

Petaling Jaya

Easy Access To Public Transportation

If you were to live in Petaling Jaya, you do not need to worry about going to places when you do not own a car. That is because Rapid KL LRT access is provided in most parts of Petaling Jaya. The parts that do not have accessibility to Rapid Kl LRT, it is still accessible by the KTM, MRT and public busses. If you have a fear of heights or do not mind spending a little more on your travel, you can even take the GRAB to your destination. Most people commute to and from their work or colleges using the Rapid Kl LRT and MRT due to them being accessible to all major parts of Petaling Jaya. Public transportations are also accessible to many healthcare and specialist centres that are located in Petaling Jaya. 

Late Night Snacking Option

Petaling Jaya is very popular for its enjoyable nightlife. If you were to go around Petaling Jaya at night, you can see a lot of street markets being open till late at night and it will be crowded for hours. Not only that, are you hungry at 3 am but are feeling lazy to cook? Do not worry, you can always walk to any restaurants that are available near you because most food stalls and restaurants are open 24/7. Not interested in something oily and heavy like street foods, maybe then you can just walk to the closest fast-food restaurants available to grab a bite of something light. This shows that people in Petaling Jaya will never go hungry even at 3 am because of the convenience of having late-night food stalls and restaurants available around them.

Shopping Paradise

One reason many moved to Petaling Jaya is because of the many shopping malls that are located there. This provides the residents with choices on which mall they are interested in going to for a movie date or a dinner date. With many malls such as IKEA available, the residents do not need to worry about cancelling their plans of going to the malls due to it being crowded. Since there are many options available, the residents can just go to the malls nearest to them unless it is crowded, then they can go to the malls that are further from them. Besides that, most shopping malls in Petaling Jaya are accessible by public transportations so you do not have to drive or worry about searching for parking spots. You can just commute to the malls easily by taking any available public transportations that is nearer to you and the malls.