Redecorate Your Room

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Your room is where you will spend most of your time. You will be doing your work, study, resting, and sometimes working out. That is why your room must cater to your mood and your characteristic. During this pandemic where we all are staying home most of the time, decorating your room according to your liking is a great idea. Whether from big changes like painting your room to small changes like changing your curtain. Do it according to your liking and taste, this is the time to slowly make a change in your room and make it your comfort zone. 

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Here are some essentials that you will need if you are redecorating your room.


Having a bed is essential in your room, that is where you will be resting and recharge for the next day. Your bed is also the place for you to become vulnerable and let out all sorts of emotions you have for that day. That is why having a comfortable bed is important. It doesn’t matter if your bed is king-size or single-size. As long as you are comfortable with it. 


Nowadays, there is a lot of fun and cute bed sheets that you can use for your bed. From simple designs like small flowers to abstract colors. You can just easily search for it on different shopping websites and you’ll find one to your liking. 




You don’t want your room to look empty, use a rug to make your room look extra spacious. You can get a rug that suits the size and also the style of your room. Nordic? Modern simple? Whatever it is there is a various style of rugs out there. Adding a rug to your room will make your room much cozier and homey. 




You will want protection from the sunlight and also something that can protect your privacy. Get a curtain that can do both of that. Choose a curtain that will compliment your room environment. If you are leaning more towards the simple style maybe you can choose a natural color curtain like beige or cream but if you are going towards the color blocking style you can get a colored curtain like blue or green. Nowadays, there are different types of textures for curtains, you can get a silky-looking curtain or linen feel curtain. 


Full-Length Mirror


Having a full-length mirror will be a great style for your room, the mirror will be reflecting your room and make your room look extra spacious. You don’t need to get a large mirror that can take up space in your room, just get a mirror that fits your room nicely and you are good to go! 

Besides that, having a full-length mirror can be helpful when you are trying clothes and want to see how it looks on your body. 


Your room should be a place where you can be yourself, make your room reflects yourself and your character. It doesn’t have to make sense to other people just you. You can easily get all of this stuff online and have it shipped to your house, with the help of the best shipping company in KL, you can decorate your room to your liking as soon as possible.