Look For The Perfect Solutions In Choosing The Unifi Internet

unifi internet

Of course, 4G, or even 4G +, will provide you with appreciable comfort when you can connect to it. Also, opt for fair use of 3 GB minimum. If you are an avid gamer, use mobile applications a lot or you spend most of your days on data-heavy applications, like Instagram, you will surely need a plan with more data. A computer, a tablet, smartphones, a game console, a TV, this is the list of devices that are connected to the home wireless network of several people. The Unifi internet is important there.

unifi internet

Add some home automation accessories, a printer, an IP camera and a broadcasting system like Apple TV or Chromecast and your network are in good demand!

  • Maybe even a little too much to let you enjoy the connection speed you are paying for.
  • Here are some tips to improve the situation and optimize your home Wi-Fi network.
  • But first, find out what are the sources of interference that affect your network.

Wired connection VS wireless connection

First, it is important to mention that a wireless connection will always be slower than a wired network. The transfer speed is not the same and the good old Ethernet ports perform better than a WiFi card built into a device.

The subject of this column is the optimization of the wireless network, but it cannot be ignored that devices connected to the network by means of a cable will be better served than those which are connected wirelessly.

It may therefore be relevant to use this method for devices mainly used for downloads; the TV or the computer connected to Netflix for example.

But for this to be possible, you have to think about where your modem is, the gateway to the Internet into your home that allows you to receive the signal from your service provider and distribute it to your devices.

The location of the modem or router

As we said, a modem is a gateway to the Internet signal in the house. Some are compatible with wireless technology and you can connect devices with a cable or wirelessly.

Other models do not offer wireless connectivity, in which case you will need to connect a wireless router to distribute the signal to wireless devices.