How To Know If You Are A Strategic Thinker

We live in a world full of strategic thinkers. Be it while they are studying or even when they are working. Most strategic thinkers would also be good at branding themselves or they would think to hire a branding service Malaysia. But how would you know that you are a strategic thinker so that you can apply this soft skill in the working environment? Well, here are the signs of being a strategic thinker: 

You Often Self-Reflect 

Reflecting on events and experiences and then applying that knowledge to influence future performance is one of the qualities of strategic thinkers. This shows that you keep on thinking about an event or work because you have endless possibilities that could’ve happened. This is not bad most of the time but it isn’t all that good either, especially for your mental health. It’s good in terms of you will always try to improve yourself but it’s a little unhealthy for your mind because, in some situations, you will be a little too hard on yourself. Learn to keep this aspect of you because it is useful while understanding to not dwell on the past too much so it doesn’t stress you out.

You’re An Inquirer 

Strategic thinkers aim to comprehend the situation and avoid potential conflicts by ensuring that everyone involved understands what they need to do and why they need to do it. Strategic thinkers ponder why a problem is significant, what variables influenced a decision, what outcome is most desirable, and who will be affected. This aspect of you is really useful in a work setting as well as if you’re studying. People should not be ashamed to ask questions in class or at work. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

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You Minimize Distractions

When you’re a strategic thinker, you’re probably good at categorising your duties and avoiding distractions so you can focus on the most important and urgent tasks. This characteristic is especially helpful for when you are chasing deadlines you work in an environment where your schedule is tight. When you are working, you will rarely get distracted or be bothered by anything other than your current task.

Often Quite Decisive 

This means you are able to recognize the need of being decisive while making decisions, especially important ones. You can gather information quickly and then make a choice based on whatever information you have. You can also understand that making decisions and being decisive requires information as well as confidence. Being confident in the decisions you make is a very good soft skill to have in a working environment. However, you must remember to also take responsibility for your decisions. Take everything into account, make the best decision possible and stand by it.

Accept Feedback Very Well

If you’re the type of person that does not get defensive over constructive criticism then you are a strategic thinker. You recognize that taking in that criticism can possibly make you grow to be a better person or expand your knowledge, be it in your studies or in your workplace. Alongside how you have to take responsibility for your decisions, you also need to be open to criticism so that you will have a better time growing as an individual and improve your skills of working with others.