How to Get Started in Landscape Design: 6 Tips You Should Know

Know the correct dimensions of your paths or walkways.

Remember the wider your garden path is, the bigger your entire garden will feel. If your area can accommodate it, try to incorporate a path that is around 48 inches wide. That way, you can allow at least two individuals to walk at both sides.

Create a patio depending on the purpose of the space.

Designing an entire landscape is not easy. Not all people can do it all by themselves. If possible, it’s best to consult an exterior or interior design firm in Malaysia. Seasoned landscape professionals can help you figure out what is best for your patio, whether you want to use it as a kitchen or outdoor dining room.

Define your garden’s boundaries.

Define your space’s boundaries. This will help you pay attention to the most important things. Set the perimeters in order to come up with a sense of order.

Figure out the purpose of the garden you are creating.

Typically, gardens are designed with one of these 3 objectives in mind: to create a visually appealing environment, to come up with an awesome living space, and to grow food. Why do you want to create your own garden? Once you know your answer, come up with a landscape design that serves that purpose.

Go for plants that will surely thrive in your own micro-climate.

Which plants do you think will thrive well in your garden? The most obvious answer here are native plants. You can start by looking at the plants in your neighbor’s garden.

Consider the shapes and sizes of trees.

Don’t just plant trees randomly. Think about its future in your yard. Once it matures, what will be its shape and size? If the tree you want will eventually get too big for its garden location, then you may want to choose a smaller plant.