Best Iyashikei Anime to Watch

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Even if it’s only for a few hours, you need a break from the worries, strains and work like going through Indonesia’s forex brokers list. So, how do anime fans divert our attention away from the negative aspects of life? Of course, you should do some relaxing activities with your family and friends like watching anime. We don’t really need rapid action or nail-biting thrills on days like these; instead, we just need an anime version of a stuffed animal. Iyashikei anime is a good example of this. If you’re new to iyashikei anime, you’re might be wondering what it is, hence let’s start with a definition. The Japanese word “iyashikei” means “healing,” and it is used in anime and manga to define the slice-of-life subgenre which has a relaxing and healing impact on the viewers. 



  • Laid Back Camp

In winter, Rin Shima enjoys going camping alone however her tranquillity is broken when she meets the naïve and effervescent Nadeshiko. Fortunately, this isn’t a bad thing, since the girls wind up having a great time camping together, plus they invite their other friends to join them. This is a great, low-key way of learning about camping while watching a calm show about gorgeous girls enjoying an uncommon activity.


  • Flying Witch

When young witches reach the age of 15, they must leave home and become self-sufficient, as is customary in their community. Makoto Kowata, a spunky girl (particularly when it regards navigation), leaves her residential home in Yokohama for a more rural town of Aomori, a place widely renowned for its link to magic, accompanied by her cat familiar Chito. Makoto defies convention by refusing to become entirely self-sufficient at her parents’ request. She still attends a regular school and resides with her relatives Kei Kuramoto as well as his younger sister Chinatsu, but she takes time to acquire the secrets of witchcraft from his travelling older sister Akane and others.


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  • Barakamon

Barakamon is a famous anime that follows an aspiring calligrapher named Seishuu Handa who was criticized by a veteran for his award-winning composition, which was labelled “unoriginal.” As a result of his violent reaction, his family banishes him to a remote island far outside the hustle and bustle of the city lifestyle to self-reflect. For a long time, Barakamon has become a classic slice-of-life anime, with a tale that does an excellent job of drawing you into its universe. Barakamon teaches us a sequence of life lessons and values that we should strive for in our own lives, as the main character changes his viewpoint on the island. Barakamon is worth viewing mostly for its storey and protagonists, from which I learned about the life that this anime was attempting to represent.


  • Natsume’s Book of Friends

Takashi Natsume, a young kid who has a “Book of Friends” that offers him authority over the yokai, or Japanese demons is pursued by malevolent spirits. He decides to repair the wrong by unleashing as many names as he can and liberating the yokai. Natsume finds allies, meets new yokai and strives to discover the one thing he genuinely desires: a place to connect in a series of happy adventures that follow. This anime will make you cry at times, yet it will always ease the pain it leaves behind.